Dr. Moumita Das

Grade II Scientist  




Doctorate: Ph.D. Genetics and Plant Breeding, Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut
Masters in Science: Master of Science in Biotechnology, Bangalore University
Bachelors in Science: Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (Honors), Calcutta University


Post-Doctoral Fellowship under the DBT BIOCARE Scheme for Women Scientists in
December, 2016 under the mentorship of Prof. Archana Tiwari


We were actively involved in the development of molecular markers like SSR and AFLPs in Jute. Using the developed markers we have constructed the very first linkage map in jute which was followed by the quantitative trait analysis for the different fibre related traits like fibre fineness and lignin content. We were also actively engaged in the assessment of genetic diversity and population structure in a selected germplasm collection of 292 genotypes using SSR markers followed by association mapping for the different fibre and yield related traits in jute.

In modern medicines plants occupy an important position as raw material for some important drugs.  Therefore, there is a growing tendency all over the world to shift from synthetic to natural based products including aromatic and medicinal plants.