Dr. Mahavir Yadav

Assistant Professor



Doctorate: Biotechnology, Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh.

Masters in Science: in Marine Biotechnology, Goa University.

Bachelors in Science: in Zoology  (Honors)  with  Botany  and  Chemistry, Delhi University


Received Sr. Research Fellowship from CSIR

Qualified in National eligibility test (CSIR-UGC NET)

Qualified GATE


Our area of interest is Genomics (Structural and Functional). We were actively involved in the rice genome sequencing project and later in the tomato genome sequencing. Rice genome project was a multinational initiative in which more than ten countries participated. Each country had chosen a different chromosome or a part of it for sequencing. India was given the region between 58.3 cM to 109 cM of the 11th chromosome. We were involved in running the automated DNA sequencers namely ABI 3700, ABI 377, Mega Base 1000 in 96 well format. We were involved in the Shot Gun library preparation by shearing PAC, BAC DNA and high throughput DNA isolation and sequencing in 96 well plates.